Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Digital Coloring Class

I am teaching at Digital coloring/Digital Illustration workshop at the Garden & Arts Center Tuesday (March 6th) from 6 - 9pm. The workshop is $50 per person. If you are interested please pre-register soon. Call (806)767-3724 or go by the Garden and Arts Center at 46th and University ave. In this workshop I will show you how to scan and set up lineart to be colored in photoshop. I will demonstrate the coloring process, along with all the tools and short-cuts I use to get professional results. I will also show how to do a digital painting, how to set up your brushes, textures and pallete to get quality painterly effects. Hand-outs, brush, texture and color pallete resources will be provided. If you have little to no experience with photoshop, this class will give you everything you need to get started. --Will


Blogger BrianMORANTE said...


3/20/2007 01:10:00 AM  
Blogger berlee said...

Hi Will,
I found your art in a local comic bookstore yesterday and fell in love with the beautiful simplicity of the transitions. I am illustrating a college level biology book for non majors and want to push something new and different on the author-powerful and exciting. I saw this class and was wondering if you are doing any more like it in the future. I live in Santa Cruz but would be happy to travel for such an experience.
Thanks so much!

3/27/2007 08:55:00 AM  

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