Monday, April 09, 2007

Digital Painting - Watergirl

I've been working a lot lately. Got a little fried today, so I decided to step back and do some fun art. This digital painting was from a photo, took about an hour. I'm really happy with it. I'm starting to get used to adding all the different colors into the skin tone. Also getting used to using larger brushes at low opacity to get a cleaner look. Its so contradictory dont you think? I used to think it took little brushes to get realism, but nope.

Well... I'm starting to get the feeling my time in Lubbock is coming to an end. It feels like most of what I intended to do here has been accomplished. And its time for me to turn my focus to going back to Cali. I am happy with how my art is growing on my own. I've broken down a lot of walls that kept me from growing and succeding. I can only imagine what I'll get from several years of being immersed again in the art scene out there.

Interestingly, my two best friends and their wives have decided to move their too. I never saw that coming. I've been trying for years to get people to go with me. I guess these days its a different story. I'm a much different person. Not as much of that desparation I once had. Just lots of living, loving and having fun.



Blogger David Reyes said...

cool were are you moving to In Cali? By the way nice digital work.

4/12/2007 08:44:00 PM  
Blogger David Reyes said...

I mean where? I couldn't erase the comment.

4/12/2007 08:45:00 PM  
Blogger Will Terrell said...

I'll be moving back to San Diego. Not sure if I'll be in Encinitas again, or closer to down town.

I intend to take lots of classes at the Watts school again. And I also plan to put together a studio with some comic book artists in SD. I'm excited to get back. It'll be around January though.

4/12/2007 10:38:00 PM  
Blogger BrianMORANTE said...

Can't wait to have you back out here, man. Louise and Maria as well. It'll be fun to go out and sketch. Your growth has been significant in the last year.

4/25/2007 01:24:00 AM  
Blogger EKG! said...

hello will. good luck with things and it will be cool to see you out here again. yeah, you've really grown a lot in your artistic journey.

4/27/2007 09:27:00 PM  

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