Saturday, September 09, 2006

Manifestation - Final Update

This has been a very fulfilling week. The process involved in this has been very intense and rewarding. Subconsciously I've broken through so many unseen barriers. And my outlook on life is now a complete turn-around from what it was two weeks ago. I see opportunities where I once only saw obstacles. I am inspired at the idea of overcoming challenge. I find myself consistently buoyant in complex situations. And now... after several weeks of hard work, I have a thick folder of Goals for the rest of my lifeā€¦ 60 pages worth. Most of them are not from thin air, but a compilation of dreams that I've had since the age of 10 years old. But written in the context of the present tense, reading these dreams that haven't happened yet, is almost like reading an old journal. It is inspiring and the more I read it, the more it is becoming real. And suddenly it all makes sense. How some people can be so unbelievably more successful than others. How some people have an almost superhuman ability to make stuff happen. And why I've struggled for so long, chipping away at the edges, only to find myself consistently back where I started. In all honesty, I have only felt this sense of clarity once before. The day I lost my virginity. When suddenly I understood why the world was so crazy. Why the world was dirty and disgusting and lovely and glowing. Why every day there were people destroying the world and trying to heal the world, why people were laughing and crying, fucking and fighting, bleeding and grinning, building and destroying. Why everyone seemed so... confused. Last night I had that sense of clarity once again, only now... it all makes perfect sense. "You have to begin with the end in mind." Knowing what the picture looks like before putting together the puzzle. You recognize the pieces as you find them, and you understand where they belong. And you know, without a doubt, that if you keep putting the pieces together that one day the picture will be complete. You must visualize the ideal scene for your life. And you must also change any beliefs that limit you from achieving that life. "You live in a limitless universe, limited only by your beliefs." Do not limit the potential of your life by archaic thought. "You will be, what you will to be." --Will


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