Wednesday, September 13, 2006


You know what really sucks? Transferring servers. It sucks donkey dildo's. It's been almost a month now since I transferred to the new server. And overall I am really happy with the new company. Way more tools, options and opportunities for me. But damn if it's not frustrating to lose 5 years worth of statistics. Shows the kind of forethought I put into this. Before transferring I was getting around a million hits every 2 - 3 months. Last month I got about 5,000. Hows that for drastic? What's changed? Well for one thing, there are a lot of dead links and missing images. If you look back on some of the archives of my blogs you might notice that. I had almost 100,000 error pages last month. Lol. That's a lot of lost traffic. Granted, it will be easy to get everything back together. It's something I'm kind of excited about. I've been wanting to redesign for a while. And now I have two other websites too. I'm stoked and I cant wait to get going. Taking what I've learned from the last few years of having these websites. And really expanding and prospering from what works, and cutting the fat of what doesn't work. And before the end of the year I'm sure a million visits a week will be pretty common. Of course, I've heard horror stories from friends with extremely high traffic like that. How they end up paying out the butt for being popular. But one of my goals this year is to create multiple streams of income from that traffic, in an easy and relaxed manner. For the benefit many. So that's something for everyone to look forward to. But today I'm bitching. Lol. Stupid, stupid servers. --Will


Blogger Daniel H. said...

donkey dildos? ewww.

9/13/2006 09:19:00 PM  
Blogger Will Terrell said...

you're telling me!

9/14/2006 12:10:00 PM  

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