Friday, August 08, 2008

Lubbock Comics Workshop

This is the final call for the comics workshop this Saturday. We have about 15 people signed up and it looks like things are ready to roll. If you would like to attend its still not too late, just make sure to show up before 8:45 or sooner Saturday to pay and get checked in. If this demonstration workshop goes well we may expand on one or two of the classes to do full day workshops in a few months, depending on how we do and what you all think. But first things first...

the Comic Workshop: This SATURDAY August 9th, 2008 From 9am to 6pm Garden and Arts Center 4215 University Avenue Lubbock, Texas $25 dollar entry fee - this covers admission to all classes and all materials and meals. This is an all day event; though you do not have to be present for all of the classes it would be cooler if you were.

Bring your check or money order to the Sketch Club Nights. Will or I can take your check for the Workshop.

Schedule for the Day:
8am- Instructors and Volunteers Arrive, Set up begins 8:30am- Hospitality Suite Opens, Set up Complete 8:45am- Breakfast snacks for the early arrivals 9am-10:45am- How to create an illustration from concept to finish 11am-12:45pm- Laying out a comic book page 12:15am- Lunch Set up in Hospitality Suite 12:45pm-2pm- Lunch 2pm-3:45pm- Digital coloring/lettering 4pm-5:45pm- How to Ink 6pm- Close down begins 6:30pm Close complete 7pm- Volunteers go home

Snacks and drinks available all day.

See you all Saturday!!

-Will Terrell


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