Friday, March 31, 2006

Comic Creators

My friend Todd sent me an email with links to these comics creators. I'm slowly going through them in between panels. It's always interesting to hear other people's experience.
1. Grant Morrison interview. He is one f***ing well-dressed man.....
1a. The Grant Morrison Pint Glass - the coolest pint glass in the world!
The guy interviewing the rest of these people isn't a very good interviewer, but it is kinda cool seeing these folks I've only seen pics of in Wizard finally moving and real people.
2. Brian Bolland interview
3. Mike Kaluta
4. Mark Waid
5. Tony Harris & Jolly Rogers Studios
6. Judd Winick and his pal Pedro!
7. Phil Jemenez
8. Joanne & Laura Siegel (Jerry Siegel's widow and daughter)
9. Jhonen Vasquez (he gets kinda mad when they mispronounce his name)


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