Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Digital Sketches

I've been trying to do some digital sketches each morning before work. So far I've enjoyed the results. And I feel like after a few months of doing this I'll really start to grow with my art. I already have. The first image, started off as a reproduction of this warm-up sketch from Dub. Whom inspired me to start doing warm-ups in the first place. I actually reproduced that sketch as an acrylic painting as well Sunday night. It was my first attempt at acrylics and I was VERY pleased with how it turne dout. I'll take a photo and post it soon. The other three are sketches taken loosely from magazines. Anyways, I'll post again this week. I still intend to do a con report for Comic-con. It was an incredible show. And I want to share some of the realizations I found from it. --Will


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