Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Illo - 5.24.2007

I've been sick this week. Had several things come up too. Its really been a squeeze to get all my work done. Some of it I'm still behind on. But I'm feeling productive. A good friend gave me some great advice this week that really helped me make sense of prioritizing. I'm feeling really good about work now. This was a big commission. I ended up doing digital painting for most of it. Its strange how quickly a weakness can become a strength. All it takes is time, practice and a little despration. Lol. I've got a lot to do the next two weeks. But I'm happy because I got to paint cows and chickens. And I think they turned out super cute. Actually this is prolly the best illustration I've ever done. I had so much fun doing it too. Hardly felt like work. Almost felt like watching saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Only they were coming out of my head onto the screen. Instead of the other way around. I aim to experience that often from here out.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend at Bernies - sketch

Today when I was babysitting my sis' kids I did a couple really good pen and ink sketches. I colored one of them tonight just to get my mind off the dreb. This is like a whole new level for me. I'm really excited. This is almost something I might see in a book or magazine ad, or something. And it took less than an hour! He kind of reminds me of Bernie from "Weekend at Bernies."

My hope is that I'm creeping up to that level skill-wise (and discipline-wise) to start getting the higher paying illustration work some of my freelancer friends tell me about. I knew nothing about graphic design when I started. I've just stumbled into it, and every day I learn something new about this career. So far, most of the time it seems like I could make more working at 7-11. But then there's this bright shiney part of the time when I make more than a lot of people do in a month. That paradox is what has kept me from a real job the last 5 years. It hasnt been pretty. But I've definitely learned a lot. I'm thankful to be fortunate enough to have done all this. Someday I'll get there. I now some artists that do the same thing at nearly the same level as me, that make more with one illo than I do with ten. Its good to know that's out there. Till I get there, I'm grateful for the commissions and comic coloring I have. I feel really lucky that I have these opportunities. That and I'm sure it could be a whole lot worse.

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