Thursday, June 29, 2006


"The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary." --Mort Drucker

San Diego Comic-Con

It turns out that I may be going to Comic-con after all. I didn't see it coming. But hopefully it will work out that way. And honestly, out of all the years that I've been to comic-con, this is the first year that I really have a reason to BE there. So I'm pretty excited. Anyone in San Diego have a couch/floor I could maybe crash on for the weekend of July 20th-23rd? --Will

Sunday, June 25, 2006


I just put the Gargoyles comic up on the wall next to all the other Full-size comics I've done. Number 6. This is cool. The twelve year old in me is happy. --Will

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kid Art

Leigh and I are pretty much moved in now. And I have my studio set up. All that's left is a new desk that I'm building. Part of the process of getting moved in was going through all of the boxes of crap that I've had cluttered and stored for the last few years. 5 LARGE trash cans and 20 boxes later, I've succeded in streamlining my crap fairly nicely. In the process of widdling through the junk I stumbled across some of the oldest art of mine, that I know of. I've drawn my whole life, but for some reason I didn't start holding onto it until the end of high school. It's disappointing because I know there was some great stuff that I wish I still had. One of my favorite things as a little kid was to dream up vehicles and stuff. I'd lay in bed and dream of all sorts of stories with them, and then later I'd draw them out on graph paper. If I remember right these were from around 5th grade. This one was one I designed to help me deliver newspapers one of my summer jobs. This is a Hulk drawing that I did in 6th grade if I remember right. It was a cover of one of the earliest wizard magazines, with a drawing from Sam Keith, which pretty much started my adoration of that man's art. This one is funny, seeing as how I'm actually working on a Gargoyles comic now. I drew this Gargoyle in spanish class in 8th grade. A couple years before the Gargoyles TV show came out. And probably the oldest drawing that I know of is this one from 1st grade. Strangely, I vividly remember drawing this. --Will

Stephen Silver Podcasts

I've been listening to these Podcast interviews with Stephen Silver on his website. Pretty interesting stuff. He is an amazing artist. And the sure amount of time he spends drawing blows me away. I had the good fortune of getting to look through some of his old, old sketchbooks at Steve Fishwicks studio when I was living in San Diego. He said he used to drive up to L.A. and steal Silver's sketchbooks and run to kinko's to zerox them all off. I would have done the same thing. Amazing stuff. Anyways, Steve Silver mentions this quote on one of the interviews and I remember seeing the quote written on one of his sketchbooks, and I meant to write it down at the time but forgot.

“Excellence is never granted to man, but as a reward of Labor.”

-- Sir Joshua Reynolds

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gargoyles - Issue One - Out this week!

Hey Guys, The first issue of Gargoyles is out tomorrow. After ten years and nearly 25 comic books, this will be my first comic book with national distribution. It feels like a nice way to start out. Please pick it up. Read it, love it, make your friends, and your friends' friends buy it, and while you're at it... help keep me in a job! If you're in Lubbock, I believe the book will be available Thursday at Stars, and I will hopefully be there signing, doing sketches and being awfully silly. And if you're in the L.A. area this weekend check out the 10th annual Gathering of Gargoyles convention. Be well and as always... Keep Smiling! --Will Terrell

Friday, June 02, 2006

Scene Change

Well I'm moving. My girfriend and I are leasing a house together. It's really nice looking and has a great feel, but lots of work to get it cleaned up. And my new studio is going to be awesome. Northern light, lots of windows and plenty of space. Can't wait to get set up. I'll upload some photos once we're finally moved in. In the mean time, not much news or art to share. But there will be... oh yes, much news there will be. --Will
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