Sunday, July 27, 2008


My faith is strong. I have developed a very strong trust in following signs in life, and trusting God. They have always led me down paths that were far more rewarding and abundant than anything I could have crafted for myself. But I had a strange situation recently that really spun me around. And its been a long time since I've been surprised like this before.

I have learned that the best way to get what you want out of life, is to figure out EXACTLY what it is you are looking for, and then pray that the path is laid before you and its simply up to you to follow the signs.

About a month ago I took a job as a graphic designer for a local comapny that does t-shirts for the university here. It was following signs that led me to there. And then it was follwoing signs that led me to what is going on in my life now.

The job is alright. I get to draw some of the time. But a lot of the time its just getting stuff done. Not near as much creativity as I expected. And in the beginning it was a quick crash course in learning to draw in Illustrator, which I have only occassional experience with. Then two weeks in, I went to do caricatures at a party, and one of the parents, whose daughter I was drawing, asked if I'd ever thought of working for this international toy company she works for, that is also here in town thats been here for 30 years. That blew me away, cause I'd never even heard of them. I called them up that day, they'd already heard of me, and they had me come in with a portfolio for an interview. It went very well. And they said I'd probably be starting at 6-10k more a year than what I'm making at the current job. Plus benefits. I would also be drawing cartoons the majority of the time... instead of the ten percent of the time I am now. And I'd be working with 12 other cartoonists. My jaw dropped.

I worked up these samples (in Illustrator) and came back a few days later for the follow up interview. It seemed to go well. A few days later, they called me... and told me I didnt get the job. They only had one opening left, they said, and they needed someone that did design, for catalogues and such, of which I have experience, but I dont know the program they're wanting me to use. Plus... I doubt I would have enjoyed doing that instead.

So... I was thrown. It made no sense. There were so many coincidences. Many more of which I havent even mentioned. It left me very confused. Until I remind myself of what my heart desires. I am certain I could get a really high paying job with my art if that was what I wanted. I am even more certain of that after this experience. Sometimes when you ask God for something, he gives you choices. This would be perfect for me. If I wanted to work for a paycheck.. this would be the way to go. And its no coincidence that it happened two weeks after taking my first "real" job in more than 6 years. This is a reflection of one reality that I can choose for myself. But its not what my heart desires.

Next week I'm going to Ohio to follow my heart's desire. It is a pilgrimage of sorts to find my heritage. My journey to Mecca. lol. I'm sure that sounds strange to a lot of people (prolly especially to anyone living in Ohio haha) I want to be a comic book artist. I want to make stories that millions of people enjoy. I want to create other worlds for people to explore. Its what I've done since I was 12 years old. Its what my Soul aches for every day I think of it but put it off. Its what I want to do. Its what I'm ready to let flow through me now Its what is now my life. I'm ready.

So things are about to change.

This is no coincidence.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Naked Angels

So yeah.... the title pretty much sums it up. These are some sketches I did in my friend Phillips naked angel sketchbook. There are naked angels in there from Frank Cho, David Mack, even Gene Ha! I'm stoked.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Help Wanted!

So... anyone live in Columbus Ohio? Know someone that does? I bought a plane ticket last night to fly out there for the last weekend of Jeff Smith's Bone and Beyond art show and I have never been out there, have no idea what my plan is. All I know is this is a once in a lifetime show, and I will be kicking myself for years if I miss it. I bought the book hoping that would sate my appetite, but it only made it worse. Seeing THESE pictures just put me over the top. Carl Barks, Walt Kelly, Charles Schultz, George Herriman, Garry Trudeau original art, along with all that beautiful Jeff Smith work. I just can't miss it. So if you have any suggestions for getting around, let me know. It will be much appreciated. -Will


"Fair" people are weird people. This is from a few weeks ago. It was mighty challenging to do. I was really happy with the B/W art. I also thought that slogan made more sense. But I just get paid to make stuff look cute... not make sense.


Goblin Chronicles Trade cover - BW

Someone asked me to see the B/W art for the Goblin Chronicles, so I'm uploading it here.


Goblin Chronicles Trade cover

I finished coloring this the other night. Its the cover for the Trade paperback of Goblin Chronicles. Its prolly the last work I'll do on Goblin. It was a good experience, but I'm ready to move on. I'm looking forward to adding another trade to my bookshelf though! This and Gargoyles makes 2!!. The trade should be out around November, from what I understand.

I actually inked this cover myself. I got tired of coloring from rough pencils, so I printed it out in blue lines, inked it and colored it from that. I'm happy with the result.


TV spots

My artwork has been featured on TV in 3 different places in the last week!!! I keep forgetting to mention it here, but I am very excited about it. First off, my "One Guy from Italy" caricature was featured on a food for thought segment last week on NBC/ KCBD. (thanks to my sister Heather for recording that so I could check it out) Dario looks so proud flipping the pizza dough and doing his best impression of the illustration. Lol.

Then the T-shirts I designed for Operation Paperback were shown on LISD tv for a segment they did. (Thanks Maria for the headsup on that one!)

Then there's THIS One that was sent to me tonight from FOX 34 news. I did a caricature of their newscasters for them to use for a coloring contest. I of course didnt get credit for it, but oh well. Its something else to put on my press reel.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that.

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